Family Law

As a firm, we specialize in providing solutions regarding any dispute within this sphere of law.

Staying ahead with this very dynamic & constantly changing area of the law, our team aims to deliver a service which is not only professional and effective, but also accommodates our clients’ individual needs, as this is a very personal and sensitive area of law.

Due to the extreme emotional and financial implications involved with litigation in this area of law, our firm will strive to obtain alternative forms of dispute resolution through negotiation and mediation.

We pride ourselves to ensure that we professionally assist parents in attaining the best possible contact rights for minor children, and keeping only their best interests in mind, seeing as how the effects of a divorce, can be extremely traumatic. Every matter is handled with the utmost care.

This specialised service includes the following:

  • Parental Responsibilities and Rights
  • Maintenance
  • Divorce and Divorce Mediation
  • Antenuptial Contracts
  • Prenuptial Contracts
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Rule 43 Applications
  • Enforcement of Court Orders